Rome, Christians, and Lions

Rome - Christians and wild beasts


OK, tomorrow for our Global I class, we’re looking at how Christianity developed in Rome. Now, truth be told, what the Roman government did to early Christians was abhorrent, but this is a humorous way to think of what happened.


To get an idea of what was going on inside the minds of these emperors, one need only take a look at Caligula…


What does this tell us about the sordid side of Rome?

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  1. this tells us that romans were very competitive and ruthless, i mean they just fought christians and lions for the fun and as a sport

  2. I think this shows how the romans were really besides if the Pax Romana , whicvh was about creating peace and respaecting other people cultrue and religion. Each people have a right to choose the way of life and should not be killed foe enterteinment just becouse of that.

  3. I agree with Sharym. She pointed out the Pax Romana, a period that brought peace and prosperity to Rome. This may make you think that everyone in Rome got equal treatment, however, the ruthless acts done to early Christians is what may have marked the end of the Pax Romana. To think that people were being used in matches against lions, just for the sake of entertainment, is absolutely wrong. As for the second video on Caligula, I think that during his rule, he may have been the one to have passed the laws for Christians and lions to go head to head. It’s just a guess though, but I truly think that Caligula had something to do with what happened to the early Christians of Rome.

  4. I think the first video proved Rome’s wrath to all “non-believers” to Roman Gods. They actually pit lions against Christians which sounds extreme an plus this video exaggerated and put 160- 0 as the score to this “game.” The second video however shows the crazy side of a roman king. This proves that Rome was under control of a mindless king and decided to put wrath against the Christians.

  5. The Pax Romana was suppose to bring and peace and prosperity throught the Roman Empire. But this showed that the Romans were ruthless and cruel to early Christians. I agree with Irene, the ruthless acts done to early Christians is what may have marked the end of the Pax Romana.

  6. The first video has showed that Christians who didn’t believe in Roman gods were treated harshly.It was surprising to see that Romans would put up lions against Christians who didn’t believe in Roman gods. I agree with Irene the second video on Caligula probably showed how he could of had something to do with Romans turning against Christians.

  7. These videos show how Rome was in a comedy style and it’s funny. The first one makes the sport of christians fighting lions like if it was on ESPN or YES network. The second one shows a good view on Romans quote on quote “leaders”. I have to admit the videos you post help me understand it better in a more up to date version.
    Thanks for these posting Mr.Piel!
    Mark Anthony Plaza

  8. Caligula seemed crazy in the head. If he was the emporer of the place I lived in, I would try to assassinate him because he does not know how to run an Empire. He basically spends half of his time talking to himself. How did he become the emporer of Rome???

  9. These videos tell me that Rome was very serious on toleration and what will happen if you cross the line as shown in the first video that the roman empire made lions atack the Christian faith. Also, i didnt quite understand Caligula, was he actually crazy in real life? and why did he pretend to be Alexander the great?

  10. in the first video we get an idea of how harsh and cruel christians were treated just for what they believed in. I agree with joel, the pax romana was a period of peace and prosperity in western europe, but it doesnt seem like that by the way christians were being treated back then.

  11. I think this shows how cold hearted the Romans were, especially the Roman king. In a time where there was supposebly peace and prosperity in the Roman Empire, there was harsh and cruel things happening right there. The fact that they killed people, human beings, because they were Christains shows how they were not really open to others beliefs. How cultural diffusion was not really going on in the Roman empire. Though the lions were the ones eating the Christians the real lions were those who let this continue and let the Roman king take so many lifes.

  12. The first video showed the cruel and unfair treatment of the Christians. The Pax Romana Period was supposed to be a time of peace and prosperity for everyone but I guess that didn’t apply for Christians. People were getting mauled by lions simply because of their beliefs; that doesn’t seem very peaceful to me.

  13. This tells us that Romans were very cruel and ruthless. The Christians were fighting against lions and many were killed. Some people’s legs were broken and injured. They didn’t had sympathy on Christians.

  14. The first video showed the harsh actions taken by the Romans to pnish christians for not beliving in Roman gods.The video was harsh and showed the people being surrenderd to lions , Although I think that this was done to give an exampe to the Roman citizens about what would happen to them if the become Christan.The second video like everyone said showed how the emperor was a major part on the reflection that Romans had on christians.

  15. So it is said and taught that the Pax Romana was a time of peace and prosperity but it doesnt really seem like it when Christians were being treated so cruely. It showed they were ruthless, heartless beings. I believe it may be possible that the Pax Romana was a peaceful time of prosperity…but only for the Romans themelves.

  16. These videos show how even when great things in society happen, during the Pax Romana, when Rome prospered, and terrestrially grew, there was always a “dark side” that lingered in the Roman Empire. This dark side was shown on how certain Romans treated its own people, the “Christians” as if they were diseased-ridden animals, and tortured and killed them as if they were nothing…there are truly some horrible parts in human history…

  17. The first video shows that most Christians didnt have a chance against the Romans when it came to life and death due to the Roman method of feeding them to the lions. The second video shows the mindset most emperors, like Caligula, were in. Most often spent their day thinking about different ways to slaughter Christian, making it somewhat of a daily “sport”.

  18. This tells us the the sordid side of Rome was very cruel to Christians as shown in the video. It was not right for some of the Romans to torture and kill Christians just because of what they believed in. Then again, many of the Romans were threatened by the wild fire spread of Christianity and they believed that they could stop it by execution and torture but as one witness of these actions stated in the DBQ, the ones that endured this kind of execution were the seeds of the church so no matter what the Romans did to try to extinguish Christianity, they wouln’t really succeed.

  19. This videos basically show that during the great, Pax Romana there was also some bad things hidden under that title.
    The first video shows how christians were put up against Lions just because of what there beliefs were. The second video shows the Rome was being ruled by a mindless maniac of a king that was againts christians and that talks to a worm…Wow. Um, also I think that the Pax Romana was only a peaceful time for Romans only.

  20. The way the Christians were treated with cruelty and ruthlessness was outrageously inhuman. The way the the Christians were out in the arena as food for the vicious lions was horrific. In addition watching their brutal death as entertainment was very wrong. This showed no way of the spread of the Pax Romana, in fact its the complete opposite of bringing peace and prosperity to a country and equality. I think the man from the second video seemed just as cruel as Emperor Nero. He also appeared highly insane. He seemed very frightening the things he actually mentioned in his speech would frighten mer if I was in the Roman empire with him as a ruler.

  21. I believe that the emperor was a cruel person. He crucified the christaians. He even made “shows”,and the romans would sit down and watch the christians being eaten by lions.He made this seem like a usual thing,it also seemed like a sport.He enjoyed the fact that they were being killed. I believe that the christians should be allowed to practice their religion with out being tortured or killed. I can’t believe this happened during the famous time “Pax Romana” This was supposed to be a time of peace and prosperity.

  22. The Romans were being very cruel by feeding the Cristians to the lions. The Christians seemed to do nothing about it but they just accepted it. These killings were all just a sport and thats just unbelievable that people did such things. In the second video that king doesn’t really have the traits of a typical king and it would be really odd if a king like that were to rule.

  23. o my goodness i can’t belive a humanbeing could do that to their own kind i felt really bad for those people in the 2nd video i could see the people thinking this is just over board u could tell they would eventually change sides

  24. The first video showed the cruel and horrible treatment of the Christians. The Pax Romana Period was supposed to be a time of peace and prosperity for everyone but it didn’t apply for Christians. People were getting killed because of their beliefs and just because romans wanted to be superior to everyone. Even little kids were killed, I think this was EVERY horrible thing to do.

  25. I Think the people that killed christians were dumb and they didnt kno what thay were doing first im a christian and i dont think no one should be killed and put to suffer like thay did.

  26. The Pax Romana period was a time of peace but it really no the case. The only people who had it good was the goverment and Patrician. But isn’t always going to be like that? Even now, Commners, (thrid-class, middle class citzens) we don’t get as much opportunties as the first class

  27. This showed that even in the great Pax Romana there was still bad thing that weren’t as great. In every country i think ther is a good and bad side to it that influences people everyday.

  28. it was unbelievable what the Romans were doing. the Romans feeding Christians to lions and the Christians just let it be. i think they did this to show to the Romans that they weren’t going to fight back and would be willing to die to prove a point.

  29. i think that the people that believed in christians were treated harsh. they were crusified and fed to animals, like to the lions. that was not a sign of peace and prosperity. this was suppose to be a period of peace and proaperity.

  30. that is crazy hoe Romans acted and actually putting loins to eat Christians alive. these two videos show the ruthless and crazy side of Rome. the Romans were so ruthless that they even put babies to be eaten by lions. that id not a good and fair way to be executed. also the Romans were so crazy that a leader Caligula had a mind that was out of that world. he actually dug up Alexanders grave and took his cloth. that is not the way to act.

  31. The video was actually telling me that the Christians had no chance with the lions. The Roman Empire had no feelings about the Christians that is crazy. I can’t believe that, that is a terrible thing that the Romans did that. This reminds me of other rulers that also had done this. It makes me sad that all the poor Christians are put to die by lions and they haven’t done anything to others.

  32. i thought that what the romans did to the christians was disgusting . i dont think that they should have treated them any differently because of the what they believed , but i think that it could have been a good thing because after that more people became christian .

  33. In the first video, it shows how the Romans thought killing Christians was a sport and entertainment.
    The second video just shows how leaving an entire empire to someone not right in his head, wasn’t the safest bet for anyone.

  34. The first video had shown a different side of Rome that many have not seen. the video probably changed many peoples perspective. Romans fed humans to lions, and on top of that they watched them as if everything was just a joke and all of that had only been happening because the Christians were of a different religion… And then he second video had showed power being in the hands of someone who may have need mental health.

  35. The first video showed the cruel and horrible treatment of the Christians. The Pax Romana Period was supposed to be a time of peace and prosperity but for the Christians it was the opposite. People were getting killed because of their beliefs and just because romans believed in the superiority of their race. they didn’t feel compassion for anyone, this shows how heartless romans were.

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