Legacy of Imperialism in Africa…

The past week, we’ve been discussing and analyzing European Imperialism in Asia and in Africa. we’ve started to see how the actions of exploitation are inherent in Imperialism, however what actions actually did take place? Well this video clip should answer that question. So here’s the question: what was the legacy of European imperialism in Africa?

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  1. What was the legacy of European imperialism in Africa? European imperialism continue to affect Africa even up to the 1900’s. The behaviors of imperialism soon caught on and the Africans themselves started demonstrating imperialism among their own people. Many civil wars and genesisides began. Imperalism soon lead to colonailism .

  2. Imperialism still continued in Africa because the Europeans still have control over most of the continent through colonialism. From the video, you can see that Uganda was divided into two parts. Northern Uganda had two specific ethnic groups that was trained for the police and military, which are the Acholi and the Langi. The Southern part had one specific ethnic group that had political, economic, and educational advantages which are the Bantu.

  3. The legacy of European Imperialism on Africa is chaos. As can be seen in the video, Uganda was supposedly to have two or maybe even three major separate ethnic groups- The Bantu speaking people of the South, the Acholi and the Langi of the North. However, the Europeans didn’t care much about these different groups of people, instead they just jammed them into one country, Uganda. The result of this action is that it created many problems among the nation after it was been freed from British control. A military coup actually occur when the people overthrown the prime ministers Milton Obote after independence. A military leader called Idi Amin seized power in there. He was a terrible leader who is responsible for the execution of many different ethnic group in Uganda causing genocide (the destruction of a specific group of people.) By the time he was overthrown, Milton Obote came back to power, but some people went against him and form the National Resistance Army in turn. In other words, the legacy of imperialism bring among many civil wars and abuses of different ethnic group in Africa.

  4. The legacy of imperialism that every countries were trying to attack their resources, On top of that they we’re separating everyone by there ethic group and educating certain people, meanwhile military leader scared other ethic groups. Alice laquna and warning people on October 1987,Alice force where destroyed by the National resistance army.

  5. The legacy of European imperialism in Africa is one of manipulation, genocide, and exploitation. The europeans played racial differences to their advantage and when they left civil wars and genocide occurred.

  6. what was the legacy of European imperialism in Africa?

    The legacy of imperialism in Africa deals with genocide and manipulation. Because the Europeans “brainwashed” the people there was alot of racial differences occuring leading to civil wars.

  7. To avoid war among themselves the European countries met together to decide how they would divide the land in Africa. This meeting was called the Berlin Conference, in the video they describe the European splitting of territory as “cutting the cake” which is a good analogy to describe how the Europeans split the land for their own benefit. The problem arrived when the 14 European countries excluded all African leaders, they also didn’t think about the African people or their ethnic groups. They then continued to force many different ethnic groups in Africa closer together. Due to their different ethnicity the African groups, that were forced together, already disliked each other. Tension also rose when the Europeans decided to treat different groups better than others. For example, when British colonist split Uganda between the Southern Bantu speaking people and the Northern Achoili and Langi speaking people. The Southern Bantu speaking people were given economic, political, and educational advantages, while the Northern Achioli and Langi were the main recruits for military and police positions. The Europeans instigated hate between the different ethnic groups, to make it easier to control them by dividing their attention. Due to this thoughtlessness and greed, even after the Europeans left Africa, the various groups in Africa continued to hate each other. Leading to genocide within Africa, even at a time like the 21st century, when things like genocide should already be beneath mankind. Thus, one can say that the “Legacy” left behind by European imperialism in Africa is hatred.

  8. What was the legacy of European imperialism in Africa?
    – Conflicts started in Africa because the amount of civil wars rosed due to racial differences and hatred among each other.

  9. What was the legacy of European imperialism in Africa? Africa continue being affected by the European Imperialism. As seen in the video, Uganda had been divided in different ethnic groups and many wars were occurring in that time because of the differences that each ethnic group had among each other. Every ethnic group had different advantages such as education and economy for Southern Uganda. Northern Uganda’s advantages were military. Genocide was also occurring due to the same reason.

  10. Legacy? I the only legacy from all this cruel things mentioned in this video is that people in Africa are more advanced in weaponry and in technology now then before the European countries has came and taken over African Ethnic groups. Even from what little came out that advanced the Africans, the European was very malevolent with their actions. Assassinations, cutting of the hands and arms,wars, etc. All these things came from the thought of “I am little then you therefore I am better then you”. Europeans “brainwashed” the Africans to believe this causing them to be blind that they are harming their own selves and people.

  11. what was the legacy of European imperialism in Africa?
    The legacy of imperialism in Africa has to do with genocide and manipulation. Africa continue being affected by the European Imperialism. . Because the Europeans brought the idea of racial differences, and that lead civil wars. Europeans made them think that just because one tribe/group was lighter than the other it made them better.

  12. what was the legacy of European imperialism in Africa? People speak as if africa stoped being affected by it. Africa broke out in civil war because of imperialism, as well as genocide. It seems like nothing positive came from this. Imperialism’s Legacy? To me it left no legacy not because its negative but mainly because, when something leaves behind a legacy it means that, that one person,group, or concept no longer excist. When a cause or a group of people still has a strong effect on the world even after death or even after it’s time has past can you really say it left at all? It only brought death & genocide………..a legacy i’d never want to be a oart of.

  13. The legacy of European imperialism in Africa initiated with the topics such as genocide, hatred, manipulation and racism. The Europeans basically controlled Africa and therefore, this imperialism occurred in the first place. The European Military did the unthinkable by segregation people by race and ethnicity. Unfortunately, the People were too naive to understand the evil motives.

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